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The heart of the Cinque Terre:
Monterosso and national park ebike tour

Monterosso al Mare
3.5 hours
From 2 to 12
English, French, Italian
From €80.00

This e-bike tour offers the perfect opportunity to explore the Cinque Terre area effortlessly, joyfully, and away from the crowds! We kick off our adventure in Monterosso, just a quick 5-minute ride from the train station. Our leisurely ride takes us uphill through the national park, with stops at breathtaking viewpoints along the way. Our destination is an ancient sacred sanctuary (Soviore), nestled amidst pristine nature. Here, you’ll encounter rich history, stunning architecture, panoramic vistas of the coastline and national park, a refreshing spring with pure water, and a charming coffee bar. Throughout the tour, our guide shares valuable insights into the region’s nature and traditions. After a rejuvenating break, we embark on our return journey to Monterosso, taking a different route (as the tour forms a loop). Our final stop is at a scenic overlook, where you can indulge in local focaccia and savor a glass of wine. It’s a delightful way to immerse yourself in all the wonders of this region!

  • Cinque Terre
  • National Park
  • Ancient sacred sanctuary
  • Monterosso
  • Wine tasting accompanied by local focaccia
  • Tour suitable for everyone
  • out of the crowds


Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our e-bike tour, an unparalleled way to effortlessly explore the enchanting Cinque Terre region! The entirety of the tour takes place outside of the tourist crowds! Starting from the picturesque town of Monterosso, just 5 minutes from the train station, our journey unfolds through a landscape of breathtaking beauty and cultural richness. As we set out, the gentle hum of our e-bikes propels us uphill through the heart of the national park, where every turn reveals awe-inspiring viewpoints. Here, amidst the traditional terraced landscape adorned with vineyards and olive trees, we have the opportunity to admire the region’s iconic scenery.

The exploration leads us to the doorstep of an ancient sacred sanctuary, Soviore, nestled in the embrace of untouched nature. Here, history comes to life, showcasing architectural marvels, panoramic vistas of the seaside and national park, a refreshing spring with crystal-clear water, and a charming coffee bar where you can savor the local flavors.Throughout this immersive experience, our knowledgeable guide serves as a companion, offering insightful commentary on the region’s nature and traditions. Gain a deeper understanding of the Cinque Terre as you absorb the stories that echo through time, adding layers of meaning to the scenery around you.

Following a rejuvenating break, we embark on the return journey to Monterosso, tracing a different path to complete the loop. Every pedal stroke unveils new facets of this coastal haven, ensuring that no two moments are alike. Our grand finale awaits at a panoramic spot, where you can indulge in the delectable taste of local focaccia paired with a glass of exquisite wine. It’s not just a tour; it’s a sensory symphony, a delightful odyssey through the treasures of the Cinque Terre. Join us and immerse yourself out of the crowds in the beauty and charm of this remarkable region!

*** Depending on the day, we can offer this tour in both the morning and the afternoon/sunset ***

*** The tour is suitable for everyone who can safely ride a bike with gears on a road where cars are present too. The route consists of paved roads with a total length of 18 km (12 miles) and an altitude difference of 500 m (1600 ft) ***

*** The ticket can be reimbursed 100% until 24 hours before the scheduled starting time. In case of rain or force majeure events, the tour can be reimbursed even at the last minute. In the event of forecasted light rain, the customer can decide whether to cancel the tour with reimbursement or proceed with the tour ***



COVID-19 Safety

For this experience it is taken care of COVID-19 safety with appropriate measures.

  • E-bike
  • English speaking guide
  • Water bottle (if needed)
  • Helmet (compulsory) and gloves (optional)
  • A taste of local focaccia
  • Wine tasting
Bring along

Comfortable clothes
Closed shoes


Knowing how to safely ride a bike with gears
Be in proper physical condition


We will meet in front of our garage, situated in via IV Novembre, 6, Monterosso al Mare.

Instructions for getting to the meeting: If you're arriving by train, exit the Monterosso train station. Facing the sea, take a right. Continue straight for a few minutes, then turn right onto Via IV Novembre. Our garage is the one just before the sign for Hotel Palme, on the right side of the road. Wait outside, and we will come to meet you 10 minutes before the scheduled meeting time.

If you don’t find us, please call or whatsapp us at +39 334 19 00 496


Via IV Novembre, 6, Monterosso al Mare, SP, Italia


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