5 reasons (little known) to use an electric bike

Often referred to by the nickname “e-bikes“, electric bikes are now considered the future of green transportation in the world.
“But bikes are already a green means of transport!”, you might retort.
True. However, the e-bike must not be seen as a simple substitute for the bicycle, but as an alternative to much more polluting means of transport, such as scooters or cars.
Not convinced? So here are 5 reasons that will convince you that the electric bike is the right answer for you!

1. You save money with an electric bike!

Let’s start from a reason as concrete as it is important: the electric bike will allow you to save money.
You will be able to say goodbye to petrol, subscriptions, paid parking, revisions and stamp duty!
It’s true, to buy an electric bike you need a fairly large initial investment, but the money used to buy your two-wheeled means of transport will soon be reabsorbed considering all those expenses that you will no longer have to make!

2. The electric bike is suitable for everyone!

It doesn’t matter what your body size is. It doesn’t matter how lazy or untrained you are. It doesn’t matter if the last bike ride you took was when you were learning to ride a tricycle. The e-bike is also perfect for you, because it is perfect for everyone.

To prove it, we can use our personal experience as an example: there are many people who participate in our tours presenting themselves as lazy and out of practice. Obviously, they are doubtful and unconvinced at first. But as soon as the tour starts, they realize the help that assisted pedaling gives them and they start again to enjoy the pleasure of a nice ride in the open air. At the end of the tour, everyone is enthusiastic: thanks to the electric bike they were able to do and see things they otherwise would have given up on.

3. You pedal more, with less effort

It seems impossible, but it is. With the electric bike you pedal more, with less effort.
Here is the reason: people who own an e-bike tend to use it more often than those who own a normal bike and therefore tend to pedal more than the others.
A study conducted in North America showed that before purchasing an e-bike, only 55% of respondents cycled daily or weekly. After the purchase the number rose to 91%. The reason is easily explained: with the electric bike it is less effort and therefore it is possible to sustain more demanding rhythms and distances. Plus it’s more fun.
All reasons that drive owners to use their two-wheeler often.

4. Electric bikes can go (almost) anywhere

Often in some areas of the city or in some paths the transit of motor vehicles is prohibited.
Even the electric bike has a motor, that’s true. But it is electric and cannot exceed 25 km/h. For this reason, according to the highway code, electric bikes are considered cycles and not motor vehicles.

With electric bikes you can therefore access the areas forbidden to cars and mopeds… convenient, isn’t it?

5. Discover new places

This last point, for us at EbikeIn, is certainly the most beautiful and important.
Electric bikes allow you to enter and discover the territory in a way that no other means of transport allows you to do.
In fact, the e-bike allows you to cover distances otherwise impossible for those who move on foot, but also to enter places inaccessible to motor vehicles.

With electric bikes you can immerse yourself completely in the territory, you can stop whenever you want to admire a landscape, you can see small details that you would not notice in a car and really breathe the atmosphere of a place.

In short, electric bikes are not a simple means of transport: because they offer a 360-degree experience. Because they give emotions.